Why Shouldn’t I Buy an Electric Car?

Okey, now for the opposite argument so that you can have enough information to make your own decision. For anyone who don't like this post, you can check out this one: Why Should I Buy an Electric Car?

Electric cars also have their limitation, let take a look at disadvantage of Electric Vehicles.

First, Electric vehicles are new technology, new trend and the price of Electric vehicles is not cheap. Frankly it is not a cheap car for mass market, at least until now.

Tesla Electric car - high-class luxury car branch

Tesla is a luxury car producer

Second, the limitation of technology also make the electric car weak (normal 35 – 70 miles. For next generation Tesla model 3 will has 215 miles range, Chevy Bolt has 200 miles range). It means electric car still does not have enough power, range, speed to satisfy normal customers. For example: electric range of car still short. So that people can not use electric car for a family long camping trips. The power of electric car still small, so electric cars only can be used in city street. I can not go off-road with an electric car.

Chevy Volt range

Information of next 2017 Chevy Bolt Electric car

Tesla Model 3

Information of Tesla Model 3 Electric car

Third, the charging facility are still not enough, compare to gasoline station facility. You also need more time to re-charge an electric car, comparing to re-fill a  gasoline-tank.

Tesla Model S - Battery Swap

However the statistic number show that 78% American driver less than 40 miles a day, while 90% people drive less than 50 miles a day. And the facility of electric – charging system is improved. The ability of electric car also upgrade too. So we can believe that in the near future we can use electric cars as convenient as we use gasoline car.

All thing considered, there are main questions that you should ask yourself before making decision about buying an electric car:

What are the main functions of your new car?

How long do you drive daily?

Do you have (or access) stable electric power in your house or in your company (at work)

How much your electrical bill?

Your schedule for charging an electric car (depend on your working schedule)

Are there any super-charging systems (of Tesla company) in your hometown?

How much can you afford for your new car?

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