Why Should I Buy an Electric Car?

“It is a green car – it can save my gasoline money” – may be the first though in my mind when it comes to this question. But if you take a closer and more careful look, you will find more reasons to buy an Electric car.

What Models and Types Are Available for Electric car currently?

Electric cars 101: All frequency questions about Electric Vehicles

First, electric car run on electric, it use electric motors engine and tranform enegery directly that has higher effective rate than gasoline engine does. It means in order to generate the same power, Electric engine requires less energy than Gasoline engine. Experiments tested find out that Electric cars cost about a third as much as gasoline cars to drive. And in some states you can even save more money because of lower off-peaking charging rates. Especially Tesla Company offer free super charging network through the world – this network is increasing day by day. Yes it is free charging as the company promise.

Base of Tesla electric car

(Source: Tesla Motors)

Second, Electric cars require lower maintenance effort during its life time. That‘s because the difference between engine of Electric Vehicles and Gasoline Vehicles. Electric cars have no tail pipe emission and run quiet and stable.

electric vehicles require less maintainance

What is more? You can save time – do you believe it. Because you charging your car at home over night, so you don’t have to spent time in the gasoline station.

Charging electric car at home could save your time

Charging electric car at home could save your time

Last but not least, the environment feature of electric-green car is worth to consider when you buy a new car. You can make the street cleaner, more fresh for your children. We can keep the beautiful atmosphere for your next generation.

electric cars are green - environment free

For all these reasons, can you make your decision to buy an electric car?

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