Why Electric Cars?

You can re-check the advantages of electric cars here. I has already answer the question “Why should I buy an electric car?” At this post, you can see that the biggest motivators to drive an electric vehicles is you feel “green”. You will not burn-out the oil to run your car, and of course, you don’t shit out CO2 to environment – Your electric car is a CO2 zero-emission. Driving an electric car, you can stand up and said that: “I’m saving the Earth for our next generation”.

Electricity is kind of energy. By generating electricity from wind power or solar power, we will produce clean energy that help reduce the using of coal or oil or natural gas power.

Driving an electric car can also give you a totally different experience that you’ve never have before. Which auto pilot system, your car will drive itself. You just get in the car, give the destination and relax. Your car can handle itself to transport its owner to destination safely.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) and technology will make your car more and more intelligent. You can also teach your car how to drive to make your style of driving. That is coolest thing to own an electric car ever.

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