What's the Cost to Drive an Electric car?

In the previous post, we've discussed about the price of owning a new electric car. This post will tell you more about price of driving an electric vehicle.

How much have you pay for your electric car monthly? Every people should care about this important question if you want to drive electric vehicle. On average, pure-electric cars cost 3.5 cents per mile (information of a Nissan Leaf)  which means the car can run 3 miles for every 1 KWH electricity.

To compare with gasoline car – a Toyota Corolla (32-mpg) costs about 12 cents per mile. So that you can see that Gasoline car has 4-5x higher cost for 1 mile driving. Some carefully caculating could show the result is 6x higher (image below)

Compare price to drive gasoline vs Eletric car

But with less maintenance required, there are no need to pay for oil changing, which cost a considered number of money in gasoline car.

Annual Auto Survey shows that the less operating costs should reduce the cost of purchasing of an electric vehicle.

Average Driver 50 years (Age 20 - 70)

Great new for Tesla motors customers because this company offer free super charging station all over the world. This network still limits in some area but it is going to cover everywhere soon. So that you can run an electric car with no charging cost.

Can you believe that? You pay nothing to run Tesla electric car – not bad, good job Elon Musk (y)

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