What's the Cost to Buy an Electric Car?

Depend on Branch, Power, Electric range, … electric car price varies. You can see the price range from $21,750 of a Smart Electric Drive Base to $125,000 for a fully high-performance Tesla Model S car.

Smart Electric Drive Base - $21,000

Smart Electric Drive Base - $21,750

Tesla Model S for $125,000

Tesla Model S for $125,000

Some electric car is luxury high-class car, some are normal cars. But you should keep in mind that electric cars are eligible for around $7,500 tax credit in some states such as Texas, Colorado, California, and so forth.

Us tax credit for Electric cars

These tax credit things could add up to a comparative electric car price.

Tesla Cars are banned in Texas and some other States of US

What about Plug-In Hybrid cars? Yes it will a little bit more expensive. Because producers need to add gasoline supporting engine. The price of Plug-In Hybrid cars ranges from $26,000 to $32,000 before the tax credit. (keep in mind that this version of car need gasoline money monthly too).

plug-in hybrid car

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