What Does the Future Look Like for Electric Cars?

The developing of technology, applied AI in auto pilot electric car’s system. And the leading of big guys in auto market will make the electric cars to be mainstream in near future.

We now see Tesla Motors as the brightest star. The Stock price of Tesla soared after the Tesla electric car Model 3 unveiling in 1st April. This signal could present the supporting of market for electric vehicles. It will be the future of transportation.

Tesla Stock Price soars after Model 3 unveils

Electric cars will become mass-produced and every people can have chance to purchase one. This action will be a big hit to traditional automaker and they have to change their plan to keep up with this trending.

In the future, electric car can run fully automatic. We can see some new guys will appeal in electric automobile procedure such as Google, Uber or maybe Apple?

Check out How Tesla's Autopilot mode work here

China government also has action in this electric car battle field. This week, a new Chinese company introduce its new concept of electric car. This is a modern design, intelligent, high powerful and luxury electric car. I can expect to see it in an marvel comic or Hollywood movie, you can check it out here

 LeEco’s Lesse Electric car

Concept of LeEco’s Lesse Electric car introduced

EVs will eventually transition from being novel second cars in a household to being more primary-use cars, and a wider variety of types of EVs (including SUVs and sports cars) are certain to expand EVs’ appeal.

Jame Bond film maker also consider using Aston Martin’s electric car in its new movie. So there is no doubt that electric vehicle will be mainstream in the near future, may be next 2-5 years.

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