What Are Electric Vehicles Like to Drive?

Okey, now we discuss about the experience of driving an electric car.

Firstly, electric motors will run quietly and smoothly. You will not hear the noise while driving an electric vehicle. This is a plus point, comparing to traditional gasoline engine.

Tesla Model 3

Start with standing point, an electric car will have maximum and instant power at that time, no need to wait to accelerate.

In EVs, there is no engine space in the front trunk. So you have a lot of space for luggage. The enteral space is also much more available in electric car than in gasoline car so that you will drive comfortably.

Tesla define the new word - front trunk - in electric car

Tesla define the new word - front trunk - in electric car

What’s more. Driving a green car will give you the great feeling that you are protecting the Earth environment. It is much more comfortable driving a zero-emission CO2. When you go up-hill, the energy from battery is used to power the car, when you go down-hill, the energy from car will go back to re-charge the battery.


Driving Electric cars to protect the evironment for our kids

Last but not least, thank to the improving of technology. All electric cars have autopilot system, especially the autopilot system of Tesla motors. The AI technology will change the way people drive forever. You can image the day that your car can drive itself in the highway, open the garages itself when coming home, re-charge itself at home (or at work), report maintaining problem itself daily, weekly. That is way we transport in the near future. It sound like in a Hollywood movie but you and I can see it now in 2016.

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Auto-pilot - electric car hand-free driving mode

Electric cars can self-drive

In conclusion, electric cars will give us a totally different experience of driving and transporting. You will like it, I promise.

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