What About Electric Vehicles Home Chargers?

As mentioned before, Electric cars will save your time stopping at gasoline station by re-charging the battery at home (or at work). You don’t have to spent time finding and stopping at the station to re-fill your tank.

On bad condition like 110V household outlet, low power and totally empty battery, it take almost a full day to charge the battery of a pure-electric car. For the plug-in hybrid vehicles, it is much easier and faster to charge battery at home over night. The charging time will reduce by 2 times if we use 240V household outlet. So if you purchase an electric car, let think about installing a 240V – level 2 home charger. It costs you $400 - $700 and an additional $300 - $500 installing fee. The charger will allow you to charge your car faster. 

Public chargers are being installed in some cities throughout the United States, but their distribution varies widely. Convenience and pricing vary, and some may only charge at 1,500 watts, a slow trickle for a full electric car.

The good news is that the nation has the foundational infrastructure for electric distribution. The problem is just covering the last 50 ft. from the nearest high-powered cable to the car.

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