Tesla SuperCharger – The World’s Fastest Charging Station For Electric Cars

With the Model S and the Model X, we still have one problem that we had to address. And this was how to take a road trip. You can always charge your car at home in your garage. You can charge it at work, but we knew that we need a way to make electric mobility, have same kind of freedom that gasoline vehicles enjoy. People have the romantic ideal that you’re gonna hop in your car and you gonna drive across the country at moments - maybe grab your bag on your way out. Not very many people actually do this but the ability to do it is very important and maybe it’s not all the way across country but maybe it’s a few hundred miles.

And historically EV never could do this. If you want to go outside the vehicle’s range, you had to plan overnight stop which just wasn’t practical. So we invented something we call supercharging which is a very fast D.C charger to the vehicle.

 Tesla Supercharger

Tesla SuperCharger – the world’s fastest charging Station for Electric car

We connect directly into the battery pack of the vehicle and we can charge up to 235 KW. It’s the fastest charging station and the fastest charging mechanism on the planet by far. It’s almost three-times faster than the next fastest charger and this is let us basically recover hundreds of miles of driving range in tens of minutes. Here we stop for 20 or 30 minutes and the drive again on the freeway for 3 or 4 hours. So suddenly a road trip became possible with an electric vehicle. You could drive between San Francisco and LA. You know, we could drive literally across country. Several years ago we started building a network of stations to do this. We didn’t want to rely on someone else to build these stations. We couldn’t find a government that wanted to do it a state, body doing it with a patchwork of solutions. And we decided that this was strategic that this is something that Tesla had to do ourselves. I think they’re the best analogy is a cell phone. If you had a cell phone that didn’t have a network, it wouldn’t be very useful. Maybe the network broadcast from your house but then as soon as you left your house or as soon as you left your city – the home city, the phone stopped working.

So we kind of looked at it that way. We didn’t look at it in the gas station while we looked at the cell phone model and having a coverage map. It was compelling incomplete was really important. So today if we look at the map of where superchargers are, we can drive coast-to-coast nonstop using nothing but the supercharging network.

 Tesla Supercharger station in US today (2014)

Tesla Supercharger station in US today (2014)

So this is a pretty big game-changer. Suddenly you could do everything you wanted to do with electric car that you couldn’t do it never do it before. We’ve also kept building this network in Europe and in Asia. We now have Chargers strong throughout China and Japan. And in Europe it’s actually more density is here in the US. In fact in Europe we sell more vehicles today even though we do in North America. This has been incredibly strong market with the price of petroleum as high as it is relative to prices we enjoy here in the US.

 Tesla Supercharger station outside US

Tesla Supercharger station outside US (China and Europe)

And overall we’re building out that network for opening a new supercharged station every 24 hours right now and we’re building out that network. Here not just for the Model S and the Model X, but for future vehicles this is something that we see is the EV ecosystem. In an investment we have to make sure to keep growing the product portfolio.

 Tesla 3 step plans

Tesla was not founded to make expensive cars or to make luxury or high performance cars. This is a misconception that comes up all the time and it’s perhaps understandable based on the cars that we’ve built today. But it’s not our mission. Our mission is to make cars that everyone can afford. It’s to change the electric mobility equations so that essentially every vehicle could have the opportunity to be electric. And we’ve always had a three-step plan to do this.

-       The first up was starting with the Roadster – a relatively expensive car because technology was expensive and we could have limited market with expensive new technology just like cell phones, were kind of in the size of a suitcase when they first starting.

-       And then the step 2 is to make a medium volume car at a lower price point. This was Model S and Model X. We built tens of thousands of Model S and X per year. Almost tenfold we could do with Roadster.

-       Step 3 is actually with the Model 3. This vehicle is what we’re developing today. Most of the people inside of Tesla no longer working on the Model S and X, put their expert harder work designing and inventing all the technologies to go into the Model 3. And this car is aiming at a $35,000 price, plan with more than 200 miles of real-world range. So it’s a completely new platform, different technology base and aimed at building hundreds of thousands per year instead of tens of thousands per year.

All these 3 model (S, X, 3) need special batteries to power. So in order to suppy a huge amount of batteries demand, Tesla need a ultimate solution. Let's take a look at the Tesla's batteries factory

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