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A game-changing method for clean energy for the entire world. Elon Musk and his company Tesla plans to provide the solution – His company’s home battery technology is causing a lot of attraction. For Tesla, their electric car was just the starting point to change the way the world use it and stores power.

Think about the internet revolution that happened in the 1990s, this is another revolution that’s happening in energy. So whereas in the 90s we spread information to the entire world, now we spreading clean energy to the entire world.

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A couple days ago in a press conference , filled with an atmosphere of excitement, reminiscent of the late 2000 Steve Jobs keynote, Elon Musk revealed a brand new branch for his Tesla company.

Tesla Energy and its first product – the Powerwall. Elon: “What I’s gonna talk about tonight is about a fundamental transformation of how the world works”.

Basically the Powerwall is a Polish plug-n-play battery system that takes energy from the Sun for the grade during the day, stores it and uses it during peak times in the evening. The cost of this device is between $3,000 and $3,500 dollars. And as the name suggests – it is small enough to hang up on wall. It designed to look more like an art facture rather than a piece of technology that powers your home.

Users can stock up to 9 of them together to power as much as they need. The battery is said to last 10 years with no maintenance but does require professional to install. Elon states that his company’s technology will change the world and I can somewhat agree with solar efficiency getting up to 40% and costs falling thanks to China’s manufacturing output. Future for green energy could become a reality.

Using the United States as an example. Elon states that with the aid of his battery technology, we would need solar panels the size of the land area to reach the entire United States a fossil fuels.

And most that area is going to be on rooftops. That fits your needs to disturbed land. You wanted to find near new areas. The obvious problems solar power today is that is very primitive. In the sense there’s direct usage and once the Sun Goes Away it’s game over. This is where the Tesla Powerwall want to make it home mark on history. The battery will smooth out solar energy generation and stores for peak time you used electric at night. – where most of the energy is used. According to a Elon, it would now be possible to completely caught off the grid if you already have solar panels.

 How Tesla Powerwall work

How Tesla Powerwall works

That’s over encouraging but the something missing. What if you don’t have solar panels? Well as it turns out you can still save money on energy costs. You can just simply store the energy from the grid during the day when is cheaper and then use it at night when the rate is lower. Economic sense is the way but as we’ve seen this video, it’s not actually the full story.

So of course, energy storage in solar panels has been done before but not really implemented properly. Usually it’s about 3 times more expensive, doesn’t last long, looks terrible and does require some effort to get up and running.

You need to combine multiple systems, there’s not one integrated place you can go and buy a battery that just works.

Here is one way to think about it. It’s much the same scenario as the electric car before Tesla, or the small phone before the iPhone with his capacitive multi-touch screen and a capable OS that was scaled down from the Mac. Tesla also announced a fully scale power pack data plans to sell to corporations to power organizations on an industrial scale. In usual Tesla fashion, all the patterns for this have been released for free to encourage competition.

So what you might be thinking I just want to proof that this actually works at all. Elon: “Well, the good it’s actually zero, this entire night has been powered by batteries. The batteries were charged by the solar panels on the roof of this building. So the entire night everything you’re experiencing it stores sunlight”.

This kinda sounds too good to be true. Well, a lot of people thinking the same thing and opinions are split all over the internet. Forbes ‘s stating taking solar panels in to effect to places like Texas who have cheap energy costs holding on to the status quo as it stands now where states where energy is more expensive like California and Hawaii will save money with the first generation Powerwall.

But let’s dig a little bit further. What nobody’s talking about is Powerwall actual output. Although single Powerwall can output 10 KWH, it is only capable 50 KW of continuous power output. If this sounds like gibberish to you, all you need to know is that 2 KW isn’t really enough to power the average household at peak times.

For example, you can boil water for your coffee in 1500W electric kettle at the same time as making toast in your 950W toaster. So as it turns out a fully of the great home would probably needed to Tesla Powerwall and that’s not because a constant electricity efficiently but because of its limited power output. That’s the point that a lot of other people have been missing.

So realistically this kind of technology will change the world but not just yet. So well with this technology work best well the place where benefit the most are remote areas of villages where power is limited or unreliable.

Areas where energy is expensive and places would love to sunlight and ready established solar panel user base, Places like Australia where author lives.

So in conclusions, although this technology and its approach is absolutely amazing, this is just the first generation product. This is the very worst it can be. It’s just the start.

Think about mobile phone for example back in 1980s. they used to cost a fortune to own and operate. They were big and bulky and heavy. And they only last a few hours and needed giant mask put around the country to even function properly.

The fledgling first-generation of any industry is far cry from what ends up being at the end point.

It can be said to the point of what Elon Musk doing is to create an infrastructure that will reduce our reliance on the grade helping solar panels become more persuasive. So we can reduce the use of carbon fuels. It’s about making actual need for energy more sustainable. And that’s a good thing stay the future entrepreneurs out there take night.

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