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RealisticDay - Realistic time and weather from a town!

Allow to set the time of a town to your world and change so the time circle of the game. This mean you have the realistic sunrise, sunset and weather of a town.

Please help me and report bugs or donate


After days of developing and thousands source-code lines it would be really nice if you donate.
This would be help me so much. HERE to donate! Thanks!


realistic sunset & sunrise
realistic weather (here more informations)
Timezones (Town time in areas)
multi-language support
the plugin use to sync time and other informations
hundreds of towns available - LIST OF TOWNS

Planned Features

dynamic day circle not only day/night
many optimizations (sourcecode, traffic, ...)
To make it snow other than in snow biome (and other weathers)


HELP me and translate HERE the phrases! Thank you!
English (default) : HERE
German (Deutsche) : in process


Plugin Version Bukkit Version Download JAR
0.0.4 1.7.2 & 1.7.4 Download 0.0.3 (old) 1.7.2 & 1.7.4 Download

List of available towns

HERE find you all available towns


Towns like "New York" please as "New_York" (space=underscore)

/rd settime [town] (world)
Start a time task for a world
/rd setarea [town] [area]
Start a time task for special area
/rd stop [world]
Stop a time task for a world and delete it (ONLY world tasks)
/rd stopall
Stop ALL time tasks delete them (ONLY world tasks)
/rd info
Show the information about the time task (ONLY world tasks)
/rd version
Show which version it is
/rd help or /rd commands
Shows all commands
([] = need, () = optional)


allow the /rd settime command (Default: OP)
allow the /rd setarea command (Default: OP)
allow the /rd stop & /rd stopall command (Default: OP)
allow the /rd version command (Default: OP)
allow the /rd info command (Default: OP)


coming soon, in process


Sourecode & Manager: shukari
i search for help...

Find a bug?

Send a private message to jithins or place a ticket

with the template down below

1) What town do you have set up?

2) What is the problem?

3) What version of the plugin are you using?

4) Do you have an error log of what happened? if so paste it

5) Please provide any additional information below. If you have any

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Download Mods

File Name Status Version Downloads Date
RealisticDay v0.0.4 B CB 1.7.2-R0.2 +2 1,664 09/02/2014
RealisticDay v0.0.3 B 1.7.4 +1 633 30/01/2014
RealisticDay v0.0.2 B 1.7.4 +2 492 21/01/2014
RealisticDay v0.0.1 B 1.7.4 324 14/01/2014
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