Pokemon GO: WILD LAPRAS and AERODACTYL! Rare Pokemon Catching Spree and How To Find Rare Pokemon

alright guys so it is the next day of probably head back to the lake park a

little bit again ah slept pretty well but it is like almost all clock just got ready so hopefully we miss any good grades bonds like a dragon or something but we get there helpless in the good spots again because that yesterday was crazy so we'll see if we can catch today alright guys were made back to lake park here and as soon as we got here nine

tails walls pretty rare actually I've actually never seen a nine tails in the wild and Nigel's in general is pretty rare pokemon all right we got a great sauce is fine let's see if it stays in there come on stay in the ball come on come on nice cut the ninetails first catch of the day that's not bad got a squirtle there's actually gonna be two of them another one on the nearby list

alright so we catch the baseball come on the ball than the ball there you go now we're going to get the other squirrel and on the way over to the next chord with 1,300 glooms bombs whole weekend one ball that's a pretty beast glue come on nice copy gloom need to score too soon alright so here's the next portal right by the lighthouse that's why all these bonds are so good if you guys can find like landmarks like a lighthouse or

anything near water preferably for any kind of landmark good things usually spot like that's the most common location for teenies and usually I don't know if you live near water look for lighthouse landmarks that have a lot of viewers around them because that's where all the good stuff seems to spawn soon catches Sportello we're getting real close to the next blastoise already be like Blum put the

piece will be a beast bloom once in the ball nice one ball it not bad too many candies red c95 Spokane is really close nomics just popped up and do you guys consider them rare i'm gonna call it three or four in the wild but you also want to mention do you guys have the problem sometimes we're like a you're walking and then you see pokémon a lure and you click on it and then your game just freezes and then it won't actually

go on to the Pokemon and then you have to restart your game and by that time like you ready mr. Pokemon because of the spawn from the lower that has happened to me yesterday couple times with a couple charmander's today just happened with the Bulbasaur it's actually kind of frustrating because I say something really good and will respond that happens like you're running all the way over there for like let's say for instance like a dragon is

something that it just freezes tonight I'll be so mad because like you were there you were in time is your game froze but i'm reloaded it is not good so that's happened to me a couple times what do you ask no matter what happened to you quite a bit this only happens i don't know and i have like decent cell signal here too so i'm not sure but probably catches honest with his ball not

alright final copy on extend a lot of balls actually but a lot of balls a lot of balls alright guys over there people ran for the strong people running but briskly walking for this Charmander soon catches 516 makes up for the 1i got a little yesterday because then I can finally evolved a Charmander straight to charlet if I catch it

I wouldn't get a great toss probably does not pay us the broker don't believe his sweet you catchers my hopefully get a great toss here up the head-butting me we had a great top hopefully can say the ball c'mon we need we need this Charmander because then we can evolve into the charts in the ball we caught it not bad not bad we'll take it the reason I'm not ultra balling right now is because good things seem to spawn

here and it's something really really strong spot here i'm gonna need those ultra balls like a dragonite with the meanest or charged with anything like that i'm going to drag it or not drinking right well and has options button those ultra balls in case something like that does sponsor that's why i'm not using them right now we need is ok but you just SAT there is one last song better stuff but kind of kind of like 14

you want to get that I'm gonna get these coffees right now because my last pokemon i need you're talking like it over here if you need the but you know my partner boarding right here must not bad don't sweat the drive for sure I heard you might be taking away something that's why I came down to I saw like the letters at the city sounds like they're like get rid of the lures you please

so going to make the most of it while last routine over here see we captured you get Carla rebuilding show you how it over here why not LOL it tonight to scream it well yeah we caught it it's not bad we can't get another dragonite oh we can get another dragon knight flu I just popped you so it's not bad at all already evolving our current level Charmander into a char but alright

powered up you need to just got better teeny like two seconds ago some bad about coming here oh I really great toss this time so we can get here cpu 34 which most 34 actually but nice night we got it not bad off I got so we got another term enter right after that and the site there is at a lower but the Charmander was gonna disappear first we are missing a dratini

at this moment I'm but it's like popped up little late sadly but Charmander candies will take it and the site there should pop up soon after i catch the start of a nice how'd you like to fall down there alright got the terminator like they're still chillin there you get this one with CP is this one when 1494 that thing is a monster that's the strongest like that I've actually have

actually seen still trying two great ball we got a great sauce here hopefully it stays in the ball come on Sandoval stay in the ball nice one ball one ball one actually hit it's not bad to charmander's back-to-back site there we mr. teeny because we're over here but that's all right not bad at all alright guys so lapis responding your buy list and it's actually buy this

lighthouse here we were at earlier pretty spot know there's people that ran through that ran way way down the other way arm and it was actually a site called fast-forward to check but it's not bad at all we should hit the lapper soon heal people here to pop up come on come on come on hopefully the bcp like 2,000 some w ridiculous

come on all right there is popped up right here we got the Lapras chillin not bad Carlos TVs yours always only 328 was just doing some more it's not bad oh it will be getting some people get the Lapras sweet little stability 1010 vario lobby was looking glamorous minus 3 crap compared to somebody was gonna not bad will take for the candies evo colors like a thousand miles musket trash but not bad still after us guys we got Pikachu here but we

can catch it there is a person up here dam broke out let's see if we can all right got it yeah but we've only been here for a little bit already some crazy spawns i'll take that Lapras sadly only 300 but it's still a purpose can't complain i'm close actually really good it was fifteen hundred and three and those blizzards that's not bad at all i heard some kid next to me say his was like

1800 I wish mine was that like ICP like that but it's alright alright guys with another Pikachu and the complaint was actually over here so we're going to try and catch Pikachu and get the cool table that's on the radar so you can get it Pikachu's giving me a lot of trouble is only 70 and I probably started like 15 balls on we're sitting at the table instead of actually never seen a clip we table in

the wild you 1130 three and if that Paul else comes like I want to get a peek at you again I go back and get it was like 13 minutes bond so this is the ball was pictured with this great ball even get how we've actually found a fable in the wild though that's pretty sweet so hard when I got here third one it's not bad 9797 but yeah so the cable honestly it wasn't a one ball that and the pcat you still here you can catch it this time because i'm going to wait like

20 balls on it but alright so after the we backed out and caught the pikachu now or not bad at all so we literally just got one squirtle and then the next lower down another one sponsor right after that so scored back-to-back first one was only 300 something i'll show you guys that after we catch this one here 614 it's not bad there's another pikachu we're not gonna go for that I think it's down there but

it's not going too fast you can see behind me there call somebody you really oh yeah definitely definitely catch this nice college sweethearts two squirrels back-to-back not that at all and now to me right after the squirtle this 1 757 that's not bad at all so square root know it was quick table Pikachu squirtle squirtle 13e all in like within five minutes that's all

as a time in 10 minutes it's not bad at all this is 757 this was pretty strong should be ultra calling this one of my crib probably get timed so use the great bawling like the things oh please awfully who ok we're back up to 21 ultra balls so we can definitely astra spare you I guess you don't want to waste them all right we got a great thoughts 13 of the day we actually missed one

come on nicely caught it ah we're getting so close to the section 2 . extra another dragon knight and will praise it here what's that available to analyze your teeny bit above average that means it's Ivy isn't the best but still routinely candies we'll take it I got another teeny this one's 550 but we have another chance at another squirrel sodermann three back-to-back but the flood me so this routine you

will actually grateful because I'm unless it's like a superboss 40 me we're just gonna grate ball at on ultra balls got to save them they're so rare come on all brokily-dokily ok who third time's the charm that's three great tosses and i'll come on come on yes got it is third time's a charm but guys doing tonight in coming soon he'll wait for that right to teeny 115 candies 14 is Carla can also of all the

dragonite students to see that as well not bad at all don't it got it night do it all right guys back-to-back days drinking there's bonds was only see p72 we can tell people filing and triangulated who thought that I mean I had better dragonair but still a dragon and you get go see her ccp 931

not bad will stand this way who think of your in the right place at the right time my balls like the back of its tail I don't know where you got to catch in the pokeball come on nicely caught it with the great ball that's not bad at all i think a lot of

people can be late it was a little respond so not much time to get over it was still please catch two days and we got a dragon eh alright guys so my eggs are hatching we have 85 k x we're hoping for a grammar or a more of a coughing because popping his last book when we need like like I told you a million times but mark is also cool pokemon to on the grammar and coughing so we have seal so far I don't remember a poly way he was the first one to anything on here

hopefully nothing good fun while I'm waiting for his hat there's so many of them horsey horse is not bad so many eggs though let's see let's see they're all coming at the same time so usually incubate all the same time as well like I wait all all night mic still open i can beat them all so I can like all in one go hatch them

let's see it pretty crappy ache so far not gonna lie it's a pretty lackluster come on gotta make e come on I'll take one to be good to see one need one good one come on get Abra Cadabra average pretty good mike candys we get 19 a bikini that's pretty sweet we'll take the ever actually now if we can get a grammar or wheezing or grammar coughing come on another ambulance to whoever's in a row so now we can probably get that alakazam another 18

candies so you probably saw it said one or three candies twice that's because for the eggs are they already technically like hatched so the candies won't go up on the second one another horsey so wow that's what I think that was the last leg that was the last thing to a bros we'll take it sadly no wheezing are no coughing and no no grammar but that's alright alright we've got a needle King 1600 and the two that thing's pretty beast will get a

raspberry another big catch of the day I'm like I stated in my video yesterday I have to have my camera for help like this while trying to catch pokemon wanna get the optimal throws to try and catch it so we got a great toss to get it come on come on broke out I'm running solo on great ball guys I started with 300 because yesterday I was here for a couple hours and today I'm here for a couple hours so

far we got it or not bad it took two balls will take it but my phone actually want to die set to sit down and charger for a little bit with my portable charger with a new king let's go it's not bad news earthquakes that's not bad at all alright guys so you can see the squirrel right here we could go for that but there's actually Charmeleon right here we go for that should should pop up

right here there you go not bad CP 909 Charmeleon that's not bad at all we're gonna try and hopefully catch this really quick so we can get the trying get that squirtle two are we got a great sauce so we can get it all the people back here trying to get theirs come on I want yes one ball bits now we can get the squirtle you choose well geez all the

stars coming to the picture right there give the squared away so you can see how crazy it is good stuff to respond and waves man it's ridiculous alright so trying to call this one will go after that Pikachu assuming that the squared off hopefully people become for this one come on nice and one ball one x squared as well assuming the pikachu next

now we just need to pop up as a bulbasaur complete the trio alright so now we're going for the pikachu so we want all that you wouldn't be able to try new even the squirrels right there as well and if you get you I think you should go for the Charmeleon next because it probably is a lot spawn time we got the picture one ball as well sweet guys were back at the beach dragonair respond here to win cash we see how they're going to be yesterday

catch your teeny take like a five-minute walk from or the actual parking stay in your blood nothing crazy CP alright so we got a nice toss yeah what do you how do you like the Wisconsin beach actually not the best but nothing compared to like California any pic we switch to alter balls now come on this should do the trick

things that very ICP please stay in the ball please yes we caught it nice not to care for Carlos yeah a few others made the trip with me to get this not bad up to 120 for Candis our guys to back from the beach sexy a long like my cup because you have to go play big hill that's why my foreheads will try and sweating a lot man it's humid out i'm

not wearing gray today though so won't show as much but squirrel despond right when we got back ground with and other selected bars / pretty sweet sleeping one ball come on come on we got elected balls i'll show you the squirtle just show you my candies dragonair was ok nothing super super amazing but we'll go to recent here we have a little update look at all the good stuff here that's crazy

good stuff after good stuff good stuff so lake park Milwaukee the the city officials said they sent requests get these lures taken down don't know if it'll go that's why I came here well you can see 110 skullcandys getting close and the Charmander candies are up there now bc Bulbasaur's alright guys this is bernard axle on a golf course we're gonna have to be a little intermission because it's homemade

people have been here so go first probably mad pokemon gold players happy alright guys you see their tactical in the middle of a golf course so hopefully known still playing golf and we're going to drill that but 1004 not bad i just hatched but when I need enough the other day so still a really cool catch you catch a come-on come-on again raspberry alcohol nice what

alright we're still trying to catch it Carla's 528 can get it yeah alright so which doctor balls now this is so rare come on yeah Oh parts we got a great toss now did come on spin the ball Jesus not catches the Jews my phones at three percent this is not good hopefully catches and I go charge my phone come on come on let's cover economy took like freaking 20 ultra balls there was a

thousand and that was hard to catch every my phone is literally about the diet that three percent oh alright guys so you can actually see my phone actually did catch the aerodactyl my phone died right before I call it so it's like 1% in my our my school record actually gave up sometime in the car charging my phone for a little bit because I wanted a hot spot to see the like he's my iphone like on Wi-Fi and this is drained the battery but we're

gonna take a little break cool down a little bit because I was sweating so bad and my camera focus there we go and hopefully don't miss too many things alright guys so while i was letting my phone charge of my car i was using Carlos phone because she's she's taking a nap in the car here oh yes she's nice enough to let me use your phone i just logged into your

account but that means i wasn't able to record anything but you can see I'm sweating once again and that is because I literally there was a squirrel that spawned on one side of the park I walked over to get that an HR manager I'm kind of like the other side but halfway through the park the charm and respond so right over there caught that literally right after we caught the Charmander to t spawn back from the

score was back-to-backs we got the two teenies right here and then and make marks bond in the middle of the parks we ran back to the middle to get the mag mark so that was all within like I'd say 10 minutes not even scored all two teenies Charmander magmar i didn't had another record because like i said i was charging my phone and everything was nice enough to sign into her don't we got some great catch though but my phones at sixty percent so I'm gonna

head back out there you'll see some more live footage guys we have an onyx here i know not everyone thinks these are rare but honestly i do really kind of a handful these so i'll take them and I know I caught one of them I yesterday's video but I like catching out of who did that one of my favorite pokemon more so because of you can evolve into steelix but in this case like this game so far you can't but i'll take the candy is hopefully we get to catch the business

trip all choppy restart your game because like well to it now but i don't like that was happening earlier like sometimes won't even show up for holding catch here are tonight's top the Onyx also i did catch hitmonchan earlier 20 while i was using Carlos for to tell you guys what that to Tehran i met a lot of you guys you today over the last two days start you guys busy living Wisconsin

alright but yeah so I met a lot of you guys from around Wisconsin company today it's been awesome I don't know how long we staying though probably took my phone dies at 50 my camera's almost dead so we'll see what we can do alright guys first kabuto of the day and CP 13 we're gonna actually pokeball this hopefully we can one ball at CP 13 throw me a bone

pokemon go come on come on there we go . but there is a look at tongue it's like see this neighborhood over here behind me it's like two blocks in word but already have to look at song so I'm not gonna go for but it did spawn so I'm not gonna go for it so we have the Kabuto we'll take it not bad guys right of the Kabuto always respond we actually do need these

because I can evolve the charges are now I can involve the blast doors now and I just need to get a lot of don't even know how many but a few more Bulbasaur's so they're they're popular high priorities right now because I don't really get that video for you guys would involve all three of them even get a nice one ball that not bad at all I'm like I feel so gross because i have been running back and forth all day

sweating a bunch enough but I'll take a shot right home so whatever but I have 60 candies so I need like 60 more candies but the camera is about to die so if you don't see any more facecam that's why we're gonna still at forty-four percent so we'll keep going strong alright guys we have a grammar here actually need this one this is 1002 this thing is a beast another squirrel right on this lower okay well hopefully catch

this with one ball another course one that's three within like 10 minutes a lot of schools today it's ridiculous cotta with one ball thousand to driver that's really good and there's actually really rare so seeing at the end portal this pop-up can definitely from the College of people guys and also the last three clips cameras probably about to die real soon

thread the bridge here kinda Wartortle this one's only 560 are not bad at all weekend you can get it it's like a squirrel just responded thanks for watching but this one flat the last girl that me and this water of this blood me dang man we saw an opportunity catches and super strong but the squirrels not want to be caught right now Jesus guys this is gonna be probably the last catch you tonight

my camera is literally about to die so i know i said that so much but it was hanging on there somehow we let me but i'm gonna show you my recent catches that was you that's everything was great ball yeah nice this 134 we get caught so many duty today basically can get a dragon and everything like that we caught it and I'm keeping mine go radar just to see anything else bonds and this time but I

routine candies you can see we have so many of them pokemon let's go to recent here too bad like the water to flood me and everything but it wasn't super ICP we got the Grimer squirtle squirtle Charmander dratini kabuto more squirrels more squirrels all this for onyx sponsor oh it's fun it's done well I can still continue to talk to ya like my camera just died guys

that's why you're not seeing my face anymore but we got the mag marchini world teeny aerodactyl electabuzz drinking their charming and squirtle need a king the lapis from way earlier the hitmonchan squirtles on squirtles today was an awesome day Charmander char manners there's a lot of things Bob the way hope you guys enjoyed the video

actually we did and subscribe for more pokemon gold is not really one of the night and i'll see you guys later

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