hey guys what is going on here as well as well be welcome back to another

Pokemon going to do now I'm gonna apologize i'm so sorry i haven't uploaded a Pokemon going in like a week I just had no time I've been really working hard this week on my business loans were closed and meeting some of my youtube videos have kind of slapped a little bit but now that busy . it's always like one week is an insanely busy . that is now gone so i can now focus on my videos and I could focus on focus on go again we can level up and become the

very best absolutely daily battle becomes a linear park in swindon because word on the street is it like a mr. mind best going at the moment and it's a little bit confusing everyone's a little bit skeptical about what is going on because load of the regional exclusive pokemon i'm just showing up in lows around the place and so I thought why not come to local bar and see what we can get

also I wanted to go to do like a big announcement this video i also got a new car I tried to get my Range Rover like I told you guys I would a while back and I gave you guys the opportunity to try and convince me what card to get and I actually went with what the mass majority voted for on twitter i'm gonna show you around it later on in the video so make sure you stay tuned up getting

toward the inside you can see it's convertible and it's got these black leather seats the actual massage youtube so when you're actually driving they are massaging and the front of this let me turn the camera because this was actually sit so the infant payment system in this thing is amazing like even these right so these little not here turn on and off the air flow and you literally just do that to turn them off and on and they're like these little

metal hinges it's going to watch clock face in there which is insane and it's just absolutely glorious I'm this is like my favorite car my uncle had one of these years ago and I've always wanted one and now we have got it so it is actually crazy but I'm by the coffin and i'll show you around the outside later let's go out we're gonna go over there and going to see what pokemon are nearby park is actually packed today which makes it really

helped me to record his people everywhere and its really nice LOL me everybody but around us actually is quite interesting there's a cipher around and I've never seen a cipher in the world I've only got one out of the egg before going to try to hunt that down sadly the new tracking system is still not available i don't know what they're doing with this kind of stuff but it's still not available so well if you're

gonna have to walk and find it look around this is all treetops stuff is actually insane we're gonna try and find this cipher but nothing to be working so far this morning see nothing seems to be working is kind of weird but we'll find a site but I'm gonna go into the middle of the park because I got a tweet this morning saying there were like three mr. mines in the middle of the park and we can find three that is gonna be insane i'd love to get really high level mr.

mine I just don't think it possible we come down to this corner and we found the site but it's actually pretty bc to see him in the world he just in so big but I've had come into this like forest area for finding this cipher is actually insanely far away there was no way I was gonna hit it with my thumb so I've got to put the phone down there we go we've got a nice thrown him actually put the

phone on like a log or twig or something to see if we can capture him if we can capture him this is gonna be insane yes there we go that's our first while cipher we've ever seen and we call him with our second focal which is actually insane so let's see what else is around we got a rat in a pity here the gym over there is actually mystic necessary instinct which is great one over there is mystics

we got to go battle that one but we've got to help out the instant one-third there's another cipher around nearby somewhere so i think this could be a new site the spawn which it is i'm really excited about that love see some more of them but we're not here for him we have to mr. mime so let's keep hunting right here next to the gym we found another site that there's gonna be quite a few around here sporting I think

this must be a new site this board has just changed from something else we've got another cipher let's go and get this bad boy now this actually thinks like this from a 10k Gordy from a 5k honestly can't remember if he's from a 10k then it's way too easy to get him he should definitely be a 5k but the problem is he never realized i missed I was ready back he never really levels up much and you have to spend so many candies and so much starters he's also really far away

either an hour can grow further now are you taking them away okay now I get it we've got down to the gym and at the gym actually has spawned a jinx again a rare pokemon their depth from a 10k Meg but it's not worth it i don't need to collect any more jinxes or anything and i only have multiple so I'm not gonna waste my ultra balls on urgings butt in the gym at the moment gotta snorts and a gold duck so we're gonna take both of those out i'm going to put something up

14 in think imagine going to go in with MLG and then I'm just gonna let it pick whatever it wants so I haven't done the gym battle in a while but nothing's really changed like this seriously i've not played pokemon go for like about 45 days probably and nothing much has changed the only i just realized i was scared that was not wise

me why did I put energy out against the sword there's actually someone else battling it there we go that's why I got killed so badly they've got a seeking so we're doing a two player but we had a good balance is not around me but here we go this should be pretty easy actually to be honest for MLG to help this person and finish it off because Goldberg is about to get ready

fuck the damage solarbeam does now is insane it is literally next level are nobody got taken out by the ice because obviously the ice is super effective so we won that battle now this is where it gets interesting again because we're not the only people battling this so I'm wondering whether i should leave it let someone else battle over whether i should just go in for it there's a 50-50 chance that it's either vowel or mystic doorbell or instinct the

person i'm battling with so i really don't know like to bring out blasters a little bit of fun i haven't used last words like ever I just never seem to use glass doors because he's not that powerful that he's good don't get me wrong he's pretty damn good but i haven't leveled him up enough so they using their hypno against it so this can be really interesting because with both battling it which means we both want to play pokemon on it's gonna

be tough i'm hoping that their team instincts and we can help them out and put it on if its value or something that's gonna be it's gonna be a nightmare but still come on blastoise you can finish it off there we go we're gonna be quick now and putting a pokémon so let's get this let's get this guy we're gonna go jump on it see if we can get up over on first I don't even know what I'm going to put on I honestly don't know okay we have to

go to CP and we have to pick mark okay weirdly enough much is the pokemon which decided to go with it wasn't my heart's ebook but there we go we put him on which is pretty cool not sure of the other players team in single mistake so they might little angry but we've done it which is good out of nowhere this pikachu was just born he wasn't even on my map so i'm not

sure where he's come from i've only got options left but to be fair PQ is worthy of an always working wants to stay in it going buddy are no he got out he got out don't go further away because I'm trying to put my thumb and i just cannot do that with much skill after i can only do it like water no come on don't go any further alright we've got a nice run in this time as well I really don't think i can use another old for this bitch you don't

think it's worth I could try and bring them up yes don't worry we've got a full look at this but become nice it is today it's a crazy nice day and there we go we got him we're going to town then we've actually come here to woodhenge I came here last week and we try to find tran- because a Charmander spawn so we're here again doing that there's also a gym here owned by Valerie the moment it's got a Lapras on it's gonna snow it's on and

it's gonna be pouring so it's pretty strong and we're gonna take that down but before we do that there is actually a Charmander on our site is list so we're going to the perimeter try and find in trying catcher I'm like 40 candies away from my cherez also today could be really good day it's still absolutely blazing today which is amazing i love this weather and i'm gonna show you my car in a minute as well don't have forgot about that so

we're gonna walk around the side find this Charmander take this gym out and then we're going to sit here in camp a few hours we found he just over the fence here and we're gonna try and get in this is our first time out of the day was pretty exciting we've turned up any action here to actually find one is so nice scene in World 612 Charmander pretty strong i only have ultra bored so i'm gonna have to add me by the bullet and buy some protocols in a minute but

let's try and get this guy with are eligible I've read buried him up we've got the first warning come on buddy come on come on just get into the belief actually came here once and there were two charmander's so if we get sports like that again today we're going to loving and there we go we've got our first trial matter let's see how many candies we've actually got how many we need

I've only got 36 job and the candies I didn't need 40 i have only 45 got yourself some 370 candies you get for each one we need what like 15 candies I think 1671 i'm a little slow but it's something like that but that's pretty cool to actually find one so let's talk about the gym and hang around for a little bit it could be a really good day good about the gym but i'm thinking of trying a

little bit under control board hands we got actually carpet and put our low level magick car bomb but of course before we do that we do need to beat it the lappers small accident be pouring I want to stay with the final one was a pretty good combination to be better it's something you see pretty often because obviously one person the lappers is definitely a stronger focus on Smurfs 474 is his black rose archer as per our iphone executive out which is a really

bad idea because super-effective moves the lappers have our against MLG that made no sense whatsoever basically Isis super effective against MLG but hoping solar beans sort of being super effective against Lapras it's pretty damn powerful too so we can get one more than I do implicit budget budget oh my god that hurt me or my God we're holding on holding on for dear life here no no come on let's get one more hit one hit in all my god and we've been killed

we actually have just been killed by a Lapras Jesus ok and James messaging me uh-huh we can take out the lappers even here there we go all right we finally gotten out that was really talked since when a black person but that's up they've always been hard but I think I've grown out to grass I focus on Venus or now is gonna try and take on small axe and Venus or although it has a really high power CP is not stronger tool i need to show you as well this

stupid new system they put in where your trainer can actually come out and tell you about your pokémon he like comes out and says all your pokémon big and strong but could be bigger in total nonsense I don't know why they put in this update but it's pretty hilarious and we're actually getting we're getting not reg but we're getting be into quite a big amount here I couldn't focus on what I'm doing I'm not dodging things

i should really be dodging things a lot more but come on Venus so you can't losing a small eyes he's just fat and jumping around on you yeah we got no he's gonna use my being come on don't you don't you don't you are we going we got a victory just for use hyper beam final battle is against the vaporeon this is like one of the classic Pokemon battles the poor in verses anything the baby porn is obviously gonna win here against our

being sore but hopefully I don't know what my next Pokemon is I want to say is an Arcanine and that's obviously gonna be really really bad please don't be our canine please don't be our canine I was not slowbro ok it's low bro let's see if we can do this are also in the next generation that should be coming slowking actually comes available so if you have a lotus logo candies make sure you save them because hopefully i'm really hoping this is

gonna be true hopefully you're gonna evolve your slow broke into a slow king which is pretty damn cool i'm not sure what the differences are no slogan can actually talk are but he's a bit weird but he's pretty pretty cool I guess slowbro is gonna finish it off and even though it's not very effective he's like really fast hitting so there we go been the one that's been it two more times and then we're gonna put a magic up on top are putting through the battle we've

actually got another Charmander storm this thing's actually lift charmander's so we're actually I think we could do it today if it's gonna be keeping on going like this we need to sit here for about two-and-a-half to three hours but that's definitely doable is a 357 to a little bit easier again I don't mind using ultra balls on charmander's because charmander's are absolutely beautiful ok we go come on buddy yes we've got a great throw on him as well this could be

another catch we could be adding 20 man no my games frozen is doing the whole weird lagging thing now I never know here whether i should just wait and quit on there we go out the football no not you right away he ran away so it's just a Vaporeon left on the gym is that final one and instead of using my best pokemon all the time i'm gonna switch it up and do some pokemon I've never used before so we're gonna start off with what we

gain so I'm gonna start off with an almost are followed that up with a muse right you then a nidoqueen let's see what my new queen there we go then I'm gonna use a dragon Eric there's no actually I'm gonna use wheezing if I don't be it with all of these this really confirms how okay my man vaporeon is and I'm gonna bring a polygon and I'm gonna bring a big party and just in case because i don't actually want to lose but obviously we're gonna be dropping a

magic up on this guy right the end so that's going to be a load of fun so let's jump into it and see so I've never actually seen these pokemon before battle i've never used my honest are reading Charlotte with a big forearm now on the stars actually quite good it's not very effective but it has gotten super powerful special ability which we're gonna use right now is hydro pump which obviously isn't super

effective against before but this is a pretty squared up match to be totally think he's just take me down when he's using special abilities but this is gonna be fairly close I mean for hydro pump again I think he's just gonna be me yeah he's gonna be me but he's gone down to about a quarter health left so that's actually a pretty good fight there from almost are considering he's 500cc left-right you now is coming in with the big attacks and write you is actually

murdering this vaporeon right now wow this is really really good and that's it paperwork has been taken down by rights you should really be like leveling these both one up and using the more because people really don't use them to the gym is now down it is ready to go it is ready to become so let's go on to our a Pokemon once it wants too low i'm gonna put a magical town so this is like the only

kind of way you control in the game is by carving is known as carpeting and if you ever get a 10 CP what's going on for the part not if you have to get NCP Magikarp make sure you keep it because that will come in really handy if you're going to try and cut people where is it where is it I could attend Charmander that's so cool where's my magic other in various he's like the word spoken out there but like

that boom he is actually holding a gym which is pretty sweet also have got it from Babel here was just born that we could catch it's not really that important and we're not going we're not going to focus on here again we're gonna wait we're going to find more charm and there's always coffee berry try one post ball so close having a first excellent throw come on this if it doesn't get it from this first book was gonna leave it be

but we got it sweetheart let's wait around five more chocolates get a Charizard ok so i told you i would show you my car and this is it so this is instead of the Range Rover it's a little bit different being converted was my first convertible actually and i am in love with this boy now I'm not planning on doing anything crazy to it before everybody asked what am I gonna wrap it and stuff i don't plan to but how sick is this actually look like a grown-up in

this I look like an adult for once but I was kind of skeptical because I didn't know if like I would be old enough to drive in terms of like it because it's a big black Bentley people think that it's for like the older generation and what not to look at this thing it's so glory and the inside is just like heaven i'm absolutely in love but this is actually what everybody told me to get so I'm pretty happy that you guys pick this because this is exactly what i

wanted to but yeah this is the new beast let me know down below what you think about it i hope you like it left vocalizing while we're away but both of them five times vary my face for it should go through this even gonna use my before in 2442 statue pretty sick and we're just gonna obliterate this trip is people around the outside expecting it

to be taken we're going to begin to time but so it's a complicated to flareon 1633 vs of a board on the truth it's gonna be pretty easy yet we're literally going to go through and destroy this guy sadly none of my day . actually have hydrophone for hydric and cannons pump every pump hydro plant in your pump

I'm sorry we can't really do much is no point using a special abilities on these guys to the normal attack just destroy them to fly around down we lost like 10 of Health possibly arcanine now although arc is absolutely huge his defense is a true we see this Authority down three quarters of the way it's going pretty well I try and see you see what their speciality actually does it really doesn't do much like it's not worth the wait it's not worth the buildup which

going to keep on firing at him he used his Flame drug which is actually a pretty powerful attack if you're not using a game or spoken and we got that Arcanine as well so we've got the arcing I've done one more time and then we can try and put both on it but I'm nervous because i know people are going to try and steal this gym like it's gonna be really tight because teams right there going to steal the gym and he's not a team so let's just see if we can do this

if I could actually do this is gonna be really legit okay I'm gonna bring out slow throw this time I'm gonna see if this works I slowbro you've got this over to one side obviously but he's actually really fucked his damages low but he's really quick so we should be able to take Arcana having a bit more trouble to be honest his special ability is pointless because it's like a quarter of each time I you have like a quarter beat rather

than solar beam have one big one this has poor little one it's completely . to use so there's no point doing which is going to keep on spending and he's down halfway through the hell is going to keep on going away arcanine surprisingly he's done a lot of damage to me though which I really didn't expect his flamethrower stability quite a bit of damage I'm just gonna slowly wait I'm not only one outright would be the gym

we're trying to shove this Timescape on whatever I can before anybody else does i'm asking for my arcanine on there and yes we got it no you two finally home after a long day of pokemon hunting and we've actually done really well we didn't get ourselves and chairs are sadly they just were the tri- sports we thought there was like to every hour it would have taken ages for us to have guarded but we've got quite a lot of stuff done today I think it's pretty

productive day have some eggs as well we've got some 10k cliff you ready to pop but we just weren't able to hatch them so i hope you enjoyed the video guys let me know we thought down below in the comments down below so i should like button and until next time thank you so much for watching peace out

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