POKEMON GO - Rare Pokemon in Sydney!

alright ladies and gentlemen welcome back to a brand new episode of pokemon

girl today we're still here in sydney and today we're hoping to pull off better than we did yesterday we still got a brand-new pork one yesterday start actually funny enough in this hotel room which was a wheezing got a couple evolutions we're going to hit today but the plan is to go down to the city opera house and harbour bridge see what's going on down there hopefully catch the magic cops two teenies dragon as all that stuff

Sydney seems to be hot for dirty knees and dragon as so we're gonna hit those up and hopefully pull away with something awesome Rob you something to say converter yes I do I'm proud of him dancing to chill out in the hotel room nor anyway so we're going to chill the hotel room for a bit i'm going to set up i got to double lawyers right here we still gotta find this kid a kangaroo's gone as well

so we're gonna wait on that as a gravel nearby look at the maps here we are going down here we go ahead and set it up so that we have notifications go ahead Eric boy stop available where so many he would have so many favorites cause I like a lot of work one right but look at this look how many pokemon or saturday we're channel too many cases gone Kings gone is on the map that's all i care I'm holy damn shorty pokin rats are hot so hot right now there's nothing

near us to teeny poliwhirl Charmander and see any 13 all under one mile literally all under one mile look at this all under one mile it's scary crazy actually let's have a look and see what nests are in sydney now the nests have changed twice so we're not too sure probably the one in the Botanical Gardens back home in brisbane is actually turned into a magma nest now sir gonna be pretty unreliable we'll see where the nests are at least

and you're up one or down because I'm not going off and then back down the poker texas let's see what we're dealing with cartel seriously coming in with the goods got ourselves in a bro we gotta be careful because these guys have the highest run away right we're going to a great pool probably should go with ultras a little 56 so hopefully should be good i really really want al khazim so these guys are always good to have and

bang is gonna get him good nice dude expand your the best no cannot record rob still found kangaskhan balance and send all right and we have found the Kangas gone that is the king of Sydney look at him he's like King Kong's jump down on these towers are going to save the world with a one-handed ultra bowl that completely misses because you sort of faraway left-handed ultra balls are not easy

there's a lot of thousand to ice is not easy or hopeless as well we work in global oh dude characters gonna lose those good yes I got him please scan scott i know i don't have to do it again kangaskhan is like notoriously been like some of the hardest catches I swear 12 you suck you really something damn i really wanted that we get an egg is the 5k X&Y expecting too much right

here but little bit of 5k nothing too bad we're gonna get and it's a side of that really sucks our guys major quilan venusaur disappears in 10 minutes it's just up the word waiting for Mitch but he's taking too long I think we're gonna hit up everyone in the everyone here catch intervene he's on the list i can't see me on the screen and father this way the the gps

is being a little it's not great and Sidney for some reason it's just not doing the job but I should become so the last time I called happiness or cost me a hundred eighty dollars because I got a parking fine thanks my boy Taylor where was in the matter all areas there is as my boy handjob poliwag right next to whatever we got we thinking robbed a gas in 10 1646 good Lord it's gonna be a sweat i want all trouble they're all through dead red i miss the multiple

that my only want to go is really far away all right as he's really far only have one eligible i just used it to great on a great ball 1600 DPI that you lose them do 12 no one serious 63rd and 47 venusaur Trump's my last one by a long shot and I can always involve another one as well have a look 1646 that's crazy that's my gone so mad right now you got to level under one sadhu the Sydney is amazing

for part one like this is so much better than prison that's arts you like you look really good in this area ok so after waiting literally an hour from it she said he came with gifts and this is what he got for me and Robbie got us lucky socks because tonight we're going to go to the casino these are lucky socks but I should put the month because we're going to find a

lot of pokemon hopefully but I'm starving and I need food sir lucky socks gonna have to sit this one out now need to be that we didn't find a venusaur we just started today sir where did like sucks the struggle so this aerodactyl has got 14 minutes left we just got our breakfast it's amazing and taste delicious control his love reason because i don't know why but i really want to catch their Dokdo

I'm gonna take one more bite go but take my phone with you you catch on life absolutely not unless you pay me a hundred dollars for food Michael with you earlier on before you can work from home how about no let's get it only that white balancing dude white balance there's a boy right there just in there somewhere ok this is my boy should be at somewhere here in the end psychotics order while

but the white balance be a little too insane should be up here right next to the memorial which format right now and there we have it is right there on screen arrow doctors the lighting it wasn't so weird let's get into battle this guy and get started shall we error dr. didn't get over 10k egg but we've got him here today to put on a armor just show off right here in the Sydney anzac memorial park would be quicker to go try to catch

for the other guys but I really can't cuz I made the commitment here double just under a thousand huh chuckles raz Adam and see how we do here we're doing this camera anyway let's go back into a armored and let's try to catch ourselves this aerodactyl be nice to anybody well little bit of wind coming through I had to run a little bit just to make sure I can catch the other guys hopefully that first oxide enough room

I did not remember their current at all there we go that is a pterodactyl first time raspberry grateful seems to be the way to go didn't have the lucky egg box i always like to forget to do that thing but yeah just under a thousand new pokedex why are purple and protects and I'm extremely white and blending in with everything else that his wife my camera needs to be fixed so just pull bar that burns out of my pocket they're

still on somehow I'm like mid catching the shop and opening an egg let me just open an egg for my boy Mitch here and see what you got so used to being bitches fun to the left what the hell there's a rattata fee Mitch and Robin are catching that sorry buddy were running away for that one I know I managed to different screen brightness is here but they're both level 968 so somehow they're like both

set to that because i was bought my level was as well so yeah he catches on the way back home hopefully know the runaway if it does hopefully throbs pterodactyls for the squad 3 all-around want about it for me that every false pokémon court not to bad Pete Rose rose 969 a that might've been random that's so weird who is your best friend in the whole world that you got almost well I got a

few minutes yeah but now i'm just kidding i got your guard actually swapped around who's the highest level actually rose by two levels and all got the same i got 968 and robot 96 is so weird everyone for ourselves auckland and you call me a charming all you had the chops about over here Academy thanks to recount the hatching eggs here free as well

oh we got another world amazing absolutely amazing got him with your fire 996 around that rope still he likes the white balance I think so why like really blowing yeah i was little you have a beautiful glow then yeah there we go fix a logistics attached to that magic tricks

yeah my balance my mouth right about Isis the other side of the hotel view this mission Jess's room very very beautiful construction cool was the opera house also it's over there I think all the way over there but we can't see it alright so we're sitting down here chilling for a little bit i think it's appropriate that we go ahead and a volt new revolution gonna be doing our white

manky tanky now he is going to be level let's try and find him a couple evolutions line about like to know space amount alright so 468 nike going to be evolving this bad boy got the lucky egg still going so we're going to get that double XP amount of what well whatever you think it is and i'll give you money if you get it right what was the level 58 I say 960 almost 893 all right here we go private that's

not SIA looks pretty die chime in with a 912 and he is or wait for the polkadot how much money do I get a thousand not always wrong 2016 at least a thousand oh not to back that's about all that's brand-new poke one now coming in the parking decks at a hundred twenty-nine scene and course oh wow yeah we making moves out here boy actually don't have any problem left Charizard blastoise right you nine-tailed to catapult Wigglytuff which I soon can our

conversation can off Alakazam Machamp golem don't want 83 is muck to 195 is marillac don't 122 is honey 31 or 32 acid region exclusives and a couple of pokémon there's really not much left but it's going to alright may here we have a wild lochlyn he's putting on his brand new socks fish fish fish thanks man like a fan I'm really glad we waited half an hour to

get breakfast or whatever the hell you're doing but it's okay cause I got some nice new mode lucky socks oh look at that i'm winning everything today money pokemon women everything your mind top of the world around the city opera house it's windy am now we want to take I teabaggers read the mind getting my boy got here anything that Sydney Harbour Bridge one of the people out there may be one of people climbing the

bridge but now we've got lip products we got 4.1 got a dog shelter and entertainment gonna catch the teeny 577 cash brutini or was even excellent though wasn't even excellent one yes a gold around here you're the window if you have it here with you yeah yeah I read and record a CD in the wind somehow getting loaded with open what Paul baby we got more exciting updates over here level fourteen hundred gold on justice game

not feel bad for him anyway there are teeny o water port . on the edge of water are often take over here did you see that Barry I did nice strategy for getting it will find out high level one we got him yeah easy game easy life here because the wind probably killing everything that you do

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