once when I guys it was your welcome to another Pokemon go episode first one in

quite awhile on the channel the main reason being because i'm off so we oh nice new portable great following on guys we haven't even left robbed started blogging I guess not now go away because we know that no we seeing you can you can you help me can you hold this carefully percent this is important I thought I contact come Catherine wheezing wheezing travel going to go to

our weather we call the single your call this scalpel of crappy might not know okay I were hatching egg white why do you have to recuse wait please wait for a fun got him haul that's voice done things up with a new park sydney combination with the bankers I didn't lock it down yes you can continue episode future but we all continue my husband yeah you

think that's all right wheezing like I need that oh I got an egg what is that what is already done with what was the deal eggs gonna be what to do Conan alright so welcome back again another episode of Pokemon go because I'm hanging out with this pokemaster right now in Australia of course and the good news is that was actually really cool last screen recording software for

iphones we're using this episode which is really nice makes my life a lot easier obviously makes recording a lot more fun just everything is great and i want to show you guys the penthouse at me lata are staying and Sydney it's pretty lit it's pretty let's not gonna live we got a good upgrade the place so that's that's why we're in this beautiful beautiful spot awesome views of Australia oh my god I won the bet and I get the master bedroom so I want to

come to the master bedroom often come on into the master bedroom over the penthouse suite meant to be mine we're and could have been in here why the checks here like hi I'm gonna watch you sleep tonight like just chill me like I'm going to watch you right oh snap crackle pop to get a little window right here which is super cool so we're going to catch these folks and we're looking for a Kangas God today

that's going to be the original book one we want to catch that i will see all you guys in a little bit let's do is to start this episode hopefully things go well alright so before we actually had out understand evolution because i got this lucky egg going on alright so this is my pokémon right now so what you can do like our basic evolutions just like the wheels and the piggies and all that jazz just get a

whole bunch of XP hello there are kids like a little delay IG evolution Spears the worst oh my god yeah oh my God look at your shut up on me like would just shut up boy it's your boy Kangas gal oh my god it literally just going through my pokes yeah and then this guy just shows didn't even have to work for didn't even have time i can honestly this heart tells let we don't even have to leave but yet here

here please ok oh yeah thanks I look at this yes floating the cameras floating right now oh no he's just hoping our index finger yeah he's really far yeah for your big door yeah not know what ya did this happen to like while guys so far away oh my god i'm going to just try to get as far as you can okay

correct or not it's don't my god my in the part that did not get got right in the footer is ringing right you better get this he broke out you ran away haha alright so up first we have I have been favorited so first of the 710 EV but I still want to power them up so he's full right now I'm gonna keep on powerline have to catch some more oh all the way yeah I'm not to catch them or even so to evolving fully yeah

sure but maybe I get out of an egg but this is gonna be a lot of these macs 745 63-yard ready for this I'm here we go again I'm going to predict yeah a 1500 commonly Thomas a 1480 1501 just because that little boost dinner you get 1500 wanna give you 500 yeah absolutely well and if you did you say 1480 alright okay I'm so strange ok

Oh what the hell bro boy but I've so many candies I just want the gengar I don't have a guard so have a go no I'm gonna just try to get like a decently high-level gameguard of this and what level he's going to be like 600-700 not bad and it's evolved more time into buffers common saying that thirteen hundred and seventy-one 1237 1371 1237 1371 500 bucks again 1371 it's gonna happen absolutely gonna happen when you say 1371 oh wow yeah it's underwhelming

as hell yea alright the next big up we got seal coming and get that do god I know that that the multiplier on seal is really bad new pokemon that's all that matters right get 1,200 it's actually not bad bsplayer yes you yes that could be real here chillin with pop-pop away by the way there's a dragon I five minutes disappearing update you guys if we have three of four minutes 3 minutes here where is it where we try goodnight

goodnight hard Dragonite squad clicker 35 or so metric all where's that history got four seconds but no and is John oh there's a block there is up lots of guys yes Justice truck right yeah just bonded they're all right so very depressed locked in a Rob missed

out on the dragonite but we have found ourselves and harbor of sydney and his fudging insane oh my God look at it fuckin is that were in you know what the only thing that makes us feel better is if you were to stand right there y'all dices us jump in the water no we're not going in the water get the awkward zoom in

Dragonite all right dinner is over oh that's really full off by four percent battery for that matter even know we had the raider on all dinner pretty much and did not get anything no good catch it but that was okay because we're eating anyway so it's all good but now we're gonna walk back to the hotel show up and moving to consume at the percent and just pokes alright mr. shots there was a shock huh

it wasn't all the shots right now there we go nice ok but with the amount of all come out nice you gotta get that Bentley Ultra Ball 23 nice work Robert nice catch congratulations dude watch yourself a new pokemon that you look for Jeannie wait for the legendary budget on the screen ready and from over oh my god is less real mother in the game

alright so we want a full night without finding a kangaskhan for me to grab the only thing I need the kinky so the next morning it's like eight in the morning right now we've actually been up for like a couple hours wait what did you catch this morning I was epic abre o is it that it can go away all the Kingston got away right and it was an incense cones I couldn't even pick it up so we got we got some substitutes the

morning we got a big day ahead of us in the off-roader all we're going to go ahead and knock it out i'ma catch Agee what's the Polka trainer without a good beer tonight in self-defined kangaskhan but we're waiting for Mitch in the lobby and have been a short showed up like a block away that's disappearing in like eight minutes he's pretty sweet grabbed by candlelight let's go ahead and kill it

I mean I not kill it with cat way to capture the energy is he's nearby wolf I mean we wouldn't know where he is directly but thankfully the radar company her eyes are coming in the big but i think is right yeah that's where it's that serious yeah yeah yeahs hope you don't let me hit me hit a man a real quick and actually not i'm hitting a lucky my camera's batteries died i have want my battery out we were all after

so imagine imagine he disappears after your good been having hot down here yeah yeah time ever since become there is your shoes yeah have a look go guys move my second Venus all this be your first heard about their him up here we go he's huge he is indeed ice 102 I need to catch that's easy catch yeah that's true he's eligible dayal trouble arises they're down nice that's such a good like fine like that yeah rare bike park

I wish was a blastoise or charges are but they got graduations rob yourself venusaur I can't really have Charlie tie fighter because time I've ever but you can see my starters are pretty weak and really have a lot of money so no yeah skipping the iso straight to the straight to the beanie nice sweet right we're taking a break from catch boats and where you got some fresh juices which one pitch swings it stick

what are you drinking what's yours i'm drinking the island marble going to land or chutes and I got one for you dog get that alert that's Noble lock them down his mocha right down to it just working on her cattle she's

getting the photo getting the road instagram instagram like we got a food while we catch boats you know my guys breakfast is done and so is this episode we're gonna go because the Venus or which is super super exciting want to get more the starters got the Charmander as well when Lachlan took my phone with the two keg 571 tremendous some pretty sweet stuff but nothing in this episode we're going to search for kangaskhan so I'm gonna do some huge tank eggs

starting a mass i got like 45 ready to rock and roll so see you in the next episode pongo and like a dare to write on and i'll speak to you as a bit about

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