Model 3: Tesla's mass affordable electric car

Tesla Model 3 electric car

Model 3 is an affordable electric car for the masses that can outperform your standard petrol car at the same price. For many decades this has just been a pipe dream because the technology was not yet good enough or cheap enough to make it reality. There were also some other reasons but we’re not going to go into that right now.

Anyway, at a friendly event in California Tesla has just unveiled their Model 3 – which could be the very beginning of the mainstream electric cars.

So what’s all the fuss about? is this car actually any good and what is the wider picture here for Tesla. In this video we’ll take a look and find it out - now we will see the answer for question What is Tesla Model 3?

Firstly, let’s take a look at some aspects of the Model 3. To start off the Model 3 will be an incredibly safe car. It has five-star safety rating to various reasons. But one of the major ones is that this is a normal car is an extremely large sign at the front instead of a giant steal engine hurtling towards you in the event of an accident. The Model 3 could accelerate 0 – 60 MPH (about 100 km/h) in less than 6 seconds and that’s the slowest model.  This versions will go much faster than that. You’re gonna get 250 miles (346 km) per charge and a Tesla Model 3 will come with the supercharging as standard.

Elon Musk – the CEO of Tesla states that there’s now 3600 charges worldwide, but at the end of the year they will be doubling the number of charges.

The car can comfortably fit 5 adults and has plenty of space for extra storage things as there’s no engine under the bonnet.

All Model 3 will come standard with autopilot – a self-driving feature that can steal, brake and event park or drive to you when you are not in the car.

>> You can see how Tesla Autopilot work here


The Tesla Model 3 is set to start at $35,000. Tesla states that even with no extras you are not going to be find a better car $35,000. So seeing a little bit about some of the features of the car. But what about the wider picture? What does this mean to Tesla?

Well, the Model 3 is the next step in the company’s evolution from high-end luxury electric carmaker to a manufacturer of an affordable product from mainstream car owner.

The move is very bold and present a major risk for Tesla. To create a car that it make sell so cheaply, Tesla need to make some big, risky decisions. The company is building a massive multi-billion dollar factory in Nevada thought mass-produced batteries to help make them and the cars that they power cheaper. Musk has said that Tesla couldn’t make the Model 3 without the battery factory. The company wants to channel enough batteries at the facility to make 500,000 electric cars annually. The aim of the Giga factory is to reduce the cost of batteries by 30% using  various techniques such as large-scale manufacturing to leverage the economy of scale and innovative supply chain for sourcing and new chemistry techniques.

Asian giants like Panasonic have been investing heavily in increasing supply. So really, the Model 3 is a bit of a make or break moment for Tesla. If the aspects that the company has bet on do indeed go the right way, we can be seeing a massive shift in the auto industry in the coming decade..

Tesla Giga Factory in Nevada plans to make 500,000 batteries a year for electric car

>> Inside Tesla's GigaFactory

Expectations are already high so high that about 300,000 cars have already been order. But why exactly is this?

For some fun, let’s quantify this. If you think about things little deeper, we’ll quickly begin to see why so many people bought the car.

The value equation otherwise known as consumers perceived value is the ratio of benefits to cost. So quickly the benefits here are as follows.


Never having to feel petrol again, superior safety, handling and acceleration intrinsically due to advantages of an electric design and also an arguably good looking car.

And the costs $35,000 and perhaps to inconvenience of charging but that’s set to go away with the increase of supercharges. Some people out there would probably also missed the raw sound of petrol combustion engine, but the thing is a completely silent car might actually be a positive point for some people. So really just quantifiable speaking, the car is literally a great value.

So there it is 

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