Life Off The Grid : A family's journey toward self-sufficiency

Hello My friends. Welcome back to our off the grid homestead here at 46 Degrees North, Canada. This is our channel trailer Were a family of 3 living off the grid (Our own independant solar electric system) and are building a house equipped with renewable energies without the use of a bank loan. We believe we can do it and are bringing back an old way of living with the conveniences of modern technology. We are followers of our Lord JESUS CHRIST and the whole bible, but do not look at ourselves as domesticated Christians. We walk the walk and live for the Lord in this ever increasing crazy world. We don't live like cave-men. We live an ON GRID life style - off the grid. All the utility companies can kiss our tail. Subscribe for updates :D Details [?] Again, thanks a million to all our subscribers and supporters! If you haven't yet, Subscribe to 46 to follow out off the grid adventures. Sharing our videos would be super-great! God Bless you all! Kirk and Amanda

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