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Tesla is ready gigantic and adored. Morgan Stanley calls that the world’s most important car company and the 2014 American nationwide survey founded that Tesla’s Model S was the most loved vehicle in America. Other luxury car manufacturers such as BMW and Mercedes-Benz are now getting involved in the fully electric movement.

Even Apple is said to have an electric car in the works. So how did this all happen? In this post, we’ll find out exactly how Tesla began learn from amazing fact about the company and then we’ll see just how bit it is, compared to other traditional car companies. You may just learn a thing or two so let’s get straight into it.

Prelude of Tesla.

Contrary to popular belief, many the first car in the late 1800 was actually electric vehicles.

What the first electric cars were actually carriages with electric motors because electricity started in the 1890s. We do have a photograph on number those cars in front of the Park 1902.

As we move forward, it was discovered that incredible amounts of money could be made by selling petrol. An electric cars faded by the wayside.

“you’re interested in beating them? It’s hard to beat. What happened to elecectric cars is. There is a single practical reasonably priced new electric vehicle on the US market right now. 10 years ago, Detroit seem positively applauded EV1. General Motors built at least about a thousand up the fabled EV1 after a California law mandated sales up Zero Emission vehicles”

“I think it’s future, I’m happy about electric vehicles.”

But by 2003 California back down, GM repo the EV1 and destroyed them, amid protests.

They (GM) are fearful of how disruptive the plugin cars will be and how unattractive their own product line will appear.

Over the the years, the electric cars never really so much hope. But by July 2003, a world-changing event happened. In this year, Tesla Motors was founded by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpennin (angel investor until the Series A round of funding). And end of the next year Elon Musk invested heavily into the company and joined Tesla’s board of directors as chairman.

From the beginning, Musk consistently had a vision. He wanted Tesla to be something special. It’s long-term goal was to create affordable mass-market electric vehicles for everyone.

Musk oversaw the detail product design of the company’s first car - The Tesla Roadster. He oversaw components ranging from the parallel electronic to the headlamps and other styling. Elon’s design was so good that he received the Global Green 2006 Product Design Award for his work on the Roadster. The Roadster does the first production electric vehicle with the range over 200miles (320 km) on a single charge.

In 2007, Tesla went from strength to strength and received investment from prominent entrepreneurs, including Google’s cofounders Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

However in 2008 the fallout from the world’ first ever global financial crisis force Tesla to cut their workforce by 10%. This included key personal who had been involved from the very inception.

In late 2009, after being on Tesla’s Board of Directors, Elon Musk became the CEO and he contributed $70 Million of his own money into the company. He really believed in his vision for the electric car.

In 2009, Tesla received a line from the US government which supported the engineering and production of the Model S sedan.

Interestingly enough, by 2013 Tesla had fully repay the government while Ford and Nissan who received a similar line hadn’t.

Tesla unveiled the Model S – all electric sedan on March 26th 2009. And in 2009, the company had finally become profitable. In 2010, Tesla when public, it was the first American car maker to go public since the Ford Motor Company in 1956.

Present Day of Tesla.

Tesla success is just that more amazing. Because the public ‘s resistance to electric cars. Previously electric cars was seen as quick, cheap, strange devices and almost never taken seriously.

To prove themselves they just had to be better than the traditional car in every single way. So no logical haters can even exist.

Okay, you might be asking how exactly is Tesla better. It’s not a hybrid which means that the only liquid that need topping up is the wiper fluid. There’s no noise or vibration. It’s much cleaner. It has instant torque and acceleration which means is extremely fast. It handles much better than your average car, and even better than my sports cars due to extremely low center of gravity - this is because of its unique battery weight distribution. And finally, it’s also much much safer than the standard car.

What do I mean by safe? I guess this is a good time to move on to some facts about Tesla.

Tesla Facts

Tesla cars are incredibly safe. Tesla’s Model S received a 5-star rating in every possible category - something which is only been achieved by one percent of cars. And the Model S has set a new record for the lowest likelihood a passenger injury. In the testing of Model S, it was so strong that a break to test rate. So why is this I say? Well, because there’s no engine at the front of the car, the whole front behaves like a massive tramples zone, absolving a lot more impact in the crash.

So what about the Batteries?

In an accident, when the batteries just block and catch fire? Nope, this isn’t true. The average petrol car is actually 5% more likely to blow up in a serious accident. That’s mainly because it’s a petrol bomb on wheels.

Alright, that all sounds pretty good but I want some actual proof.

Tesla Electric Cars have 5-star safety rate

No one die in a very serious accident of Tesla electric car

“It’s hard to imagine anyone surviving this crash, but it appears to be further testament to Tesla’s safety claims. A stolen Tesla split in half after crashing into a pole during a high-speed police chase in West Hollywood friday. You can see the back-end of the car ended up between the walls of a nearby synagogue. Several people were hurt but amazingly no one was killed”

Okay, that is kind of interesting, but what other cool facts are there?

(4) If you are in the United States, Tesla has planned fee to travel anywhere for free. Elon Musk: “This is something that allows you to make a brief stop at one of our supercharger stations. Charge your car very quickly and be on your way. Something that’s unique about the supercharges that it’s free. It’s not just free now, it’s free forever. The number of Tesla’s superchargers stations is increasing dramatically. A year from now, we’ll cover80% of an REC population and within 2 years over 98%. So buying a Tesla you essentially have free long distance travel throughout the country forever”.

Network of SuperCharging Tesla

I think the reasoning behind this is said that Tesla can create a new better clean infrastructure and then when electric cars become more widespread Tesla could begin to generate some income by letting other companies use the system while keeping a free for the end users.This is pure genius.

On a single charge. It’s possible to go from Boston to New York with sixty miles of range left.

Tesla cars are really fast

Tesla Model S can do 0 – 60 MPH (0 – 100kmh) in 3.2 seconds. That’s as fast as a Mc Laren inspired up. 

How fast Tesla Model S is 

Elon Musk almost sold Tesla to Google.

In March 2nd 2013, Elon Musk having a terrible time. Tesla almost bankrupt. SpaceX wasn’t working out. And many people just buying electric cars. Because of this Elon Musk was actually about to sell the company to Google for $11 Billion. But fortunately later that year, things worked out and the rest was history.

Tesla want to power your home.

Elon Musk recently just unveils his latest project of Tesla: Tesla Energy. Tesla Energy plans to reduce the energy costs of the average household by running as of a specially designed battery products called The Powerwall

You could to check out this post here to learn more about this Tesla device and what it means for society.

Other facts about Tesla

Tesla always gives out a lot of his patterns for free to encourage competition. Tesla also releases the Tesla Model 3 – a massive affordable electric car for every people. Model 3 got about 300,000 pre-orders from customers. Model 3 electric car realizes Elon Musk original dream – The Tesla for the common man. It costs $35,000 before incentives.

In an odd twist, the watermelon sized motor that power Tesla’s vehicles it’s based off a DC motor – a core technology which has patented by none other the Nikola Tesla in 1888.

Another interesting fact, autopilot Tesla Mod in Model S have really been in production since late 2014. The latest models include cameras and a sort of sensors that give a 360-degree of buffer around the car. The car can detect right signs, line markings obstacles and other vehicles. These features are going to be activated in the future by over-the-air-software updates. Which I think is a very interesting way of doing things for a vehicle.

So How big is Tesla?

Let finally put things into a bit in perspective here. Just how big is Tesla, compared to other common factors out there.

As you might have guessed, Tesla is the largest auto manufacturer around. They just haven’t been around for long enough. And of course the automotive industry is one of the toughest to break into, so really that doesn’t make any sense.

Tesla is probably a little bit bigger than you think. Currently they’re really worth more than Fiat, Mitsubishi Motors, Mazda, Isuzu and Suzuki. With a market cap of $31 Billion dollars, it’s almost half as big as Ford Motor Company. Keep in mind that the those companies have been around for a long time. 

How big Tesla is Compare to other companies

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So here’s a question: How many cars Tesla sold? So far, about 70,000. General Motors sales that many in 3 days. However, take a look at this. GM market cap is $56 Billion dollars and as said earlier, Tesla’s is already $31 Billion dollars. So it just goes to show you that Tesla is vastly more valued in investors eyes to invest than traditional companies. And remember this is all excluding Tesla energy. Also in regards the sales consider this, Tesla’s cars are usually sold in shopping malls not dealerships, in fact many dealerships associations have actually tried to follow law states to ban the direct sale of Tesla cars. Incredibly Tesla sales abandon in the state of Texas. It is a coincidence that Texas is also the home of Big Oil.

Maps of Tesla Auto Sale

The company has 10,000 employees and made $3.2 Billion dollars in revenue in 2014. Although that number is absolutely lost by the big companies out there, it is not bad for just over a decade.

Tesla Giga Factory

>> take a look at inside GigaFactory of Tesla

The automotive industry has been doing basically the same thing for a hundred years, namely putting flammable liquid in confinement of illness blowing it out by the flame or pressure and generating power from it. And then Tesla becomes long break into the market and smashes the old norms to pieces. The fact that Tesla is a brand new, smaller company and still manages to cost so much change and instigate a fundamental disruption to the automotive industry is a testament to the innovation of the. So it’s just for the future.


At this point, actually kinda same side, I mean, another company could come out of the blue and do it better than Tesla has. But so far with innovations such the super charger charging station and superior car design, Tesla is on the way to creating a vibrant fully electric car industry and the company infrastructure to change the world.

In the wider and deeper sense of things Elon Musk had a vision, a vision for everyone to own a great electric car. In 2013 his vision on a slip through his fingers. But he held on to it and today he is on the path to achieving that very vision.

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