Help me Donate a Car to Charity just by Clicking this video (Opel contest) (Not ASMR)

Opel is having a contest in the Netherlands; the first participant to reach a certain amount of views gets a car. If I get that car I will sell it and donate the money to charity: 589.900 views for an Opel Karl Rocks ~ $15.000 739.600 for an Opel Corsa ~ $18.000 922.800 for an Opel Astra ~ $21.000 Here's the link to the contest page: I had to act quickly to try and get a head start so some details aren't figured out yet but I promise to actually go through with this should I win the car. I haven't yet determined the method of voting for the charity so I'm open to your input in the comments but let's just first try to reach the goal :D In the unforeseen event that I do get the car, I'll be spending quite some time on this whole project so if any of you want to help me out by for example donating a dollar to my Patreon account I would be forever grateful, if you don't want to do that that's totally fine; I'm completely willing to spend that time on this and I already really appreciate you being interested enough to read all this so Thanks! Bye :)

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