Finnegan's Garage Ep.18: More Life Hacks Plus Your Questions Answered!

I've been gone quite a bit lately and since there hasn't been a new episode uploaded in awhile and it's a holiday weekend (labor day) I thought, what the hell; Let's drop an episode on Friday instead of Monday and have a massive sale on t-shirts! Not only do I have Jerry Rigg shirts in blue but I'm now shipping to over 50 countries and the rates have dropped dramatically. Check it out at Want more? Check out my podcast, The Kibbe And Finnegan Show on iTunes and Google Play. You can also find me on Instagram @Finnegan999 and Twitter @mikefinnegan999 and as always, on the Motor Trend Channel on Roadkill. Thanks for watching! Please comment and I'll do my best to respond. -Finnegan

Tags: Life hacks

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