Farm Heroes Super Saga Level 52 Walktrough

Farm Heroes Super Saga Level 52 Walktrough Farm Heroes Super Saga is a casual game where you have to match the fruits and vegetables found on the board, with the objective of gathering a certain number of them. For example, in some levels you have to gather 20 bananas and 15 carrots, and on other levels you have to get 30 tomatoes and 10 eggplants . One unique element in Farm Heroes Super Saga is that you can create super huge versions of all the fruits. To do this you have to form a square out of four identical pieces of fruit. In fact, these superfruits are necessary to beat certain levels. As in most games from King, in Farm Heroes Super Saga you can find more than one hundred different levels that you need to beat one by one. And, as usual, you can compare your scores on every level with your Facebook friends. Farm Heroes Super Saga is another game among the many other casual games from King, and honestly, it isn't very original. Actually, in a way it's the same game as always ... but with slightly prettier graphics. Facebook - App Store - Google Play -

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