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Today Bill Gardiner talks about the Electric Car as sitting under the hood of a Tesla Model S. Is Bill Gardiner a fan of electric vehicles? "Not a chance,"

So let see how he think about Electric Vehicles.

Here I am setting under the hood of this Tesla. There's nothing here. Nothing to service, to just maintain, repair. I'd be out of business of electric cars took over.

You know even the braking system is so lately used in a car like this, thank to the region breaking when you lift off the accelerator on this Tesla, it slows down just like that. I mean it’s very confidence inspiring feeling to the driver takes some getting used to the recharge the batteries when you are lifting off the throttle. So you know, they are not going to wear. It breaks in her either so. I don’t think the future looks good for guys like me if an electric car takes over.

His logic is pretty sound, noting the electric vehicle's ability to put mechanics out of business thanks to their lack of mechanical parts.

But one good factor about them is that they are one more thing in this industry that’s pushing the internal combustion engine vehicle manufacturers to make more and more fuel-efficient vehicles to the point where they’re still viable you wouldn’t even think of buying an electric car no matter how good the arc. But this desolate tremendously capable car incredible performance and I can see how some people are gonna really be interesting to car like this.

He does note one positive, though, and that's what the EV has done to improve the development of the internal combustion engine.

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