Doesn't the Power Just Come From Dirtier Coal Instead of Gasoline?

Yes, I have to say that some does, but mostly not. In America, about 39% of electricity is generated from coal.

In the dirtiest electricity, Electric Vehicles emissions are equivalent to a 35 MPG gasoline car’s.

Nodaway, clean source of energy like solar and wind electricity was produced to replace the electricity from coal. And these sources of energy systems are build and widen nation-wide and world-wide. The spotlight of this system is Tesla Supercharging network. Using solar energy to power these stations, Tesla promise to provide free, fresh and clean charging for Tesla electric car owners.

With much cleaner source of electric (solar and wind electric) electric vehicle emissions are equivalent to emissions of 51-97 mpg gasoline vehicles.

FYI: California accounts for 40% of the American electric vehicle sales. And this state uses no coal to produce electric. Electric grid in California is one of the cleanest electric grinds in the United States.

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