Can I Buy an Electric Car Near Me?

Yes, of course. As I mentioned before here, you can see the list of electric vehicles that available now in 2016 here. So you can check out and find the car that you like or feel interested in. Every car firm has store nation-wide and world-wide. So all you need to do is contact with these firm and ask for the nearby store in your area.

Keep in mind that in some state, you can take advance of the tax-credit for electric car. So you can search in Google or ask your lawyer for these kinds of information. You can believe or not, these kinds of information could help you save some money when you buy your electric car.

Tesla model 3 was unveil this April. You can also make a reservation and book your new car in Tesla Motors website here:

You also may find some interesting information here: Tesla Cars are banned in Texas and some other States of US

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Popular Interest Model 3 Electric Car iPhone 7