Back To School Life Hacks

today I'm going to show you some great life hacks for going back to school if

you've been given a new timetable and you're struggling to learn at you can take a photo of it on your phone and set it as your lock screen picture and your wallpaper this way you'll always have it to hand and looking at irregularly will help you to learn it if you're packing gym shoes in your bag the sports lessons you can use tumble

dryer laundry sheets to keep them smelling fresh just tuck 1e2 to help fight those nasty odors if you haven't got dryer sheets you can try using a couple of tea bags instead if your zip breaks when you're doing up your bag you can use a paperclip to replace it just thread it through for an instant DIY handle you might also find this useful for a pencil case or even a jacket if you like using a highlighter pen to pick out important bits of information on a

document you can customize your marker by touching the tips together from different color patterns like this i'm using blue yellow and pink to make my own rainbow highlighter you can try different color combinations and they're great fun to use you can decontaminate the nib by scribbling on some paper to get back the

base color yeah if you've got some spare time you can take a plain piece of paper and use a ruler to draw a grid on it for a game of snakes and ladders add some numbering and the old important details and you can use a pencil for a dice

it needs to be a hexagonal pencil like this matter angwin use a pen to number each side of the pencil 126 i'm doing mind at this end of the pencil but if you wanted to you could do it at this end so you can remove the evidence of secret game playing by sharpening your pencil pretty sneaky huh give it a roll and you're ready to start the counters you can take a paper clip and open it up like this

if you've got other ideas for simple games you can make its cool maybe using the pencil dice you can let me know in the comments below and if you enjoyed this video you can see some of my others by clicking on the links on the right hand side or take a look at my youtube channel page stay safe have fun and as always thanks for watching

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