10 Simple Life Hacks Everyone Should Know!

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oh look shake start to shake ok hey gray welcome back to my channel everyone today I'm back with another life hacks video I haven't been on here for days it's been almost a week and that's because i am sick i got take out of nowhere a few days ago it was actually really bad like

the first two days I had a fever and everything and it was just all that so i couldn't even film or anything but now i am back today I'm starting to feel a bit better and I'm not gonna go weeks without uploading so I decided I'm gonna upload today i hope you guys don't mind my voice there's nothing I can do about it I'm trying really hard to sound clear and if i don't know it's just I can't do anything about it but yeah I am back

this is also another collaboration yes another collab I do a lot of collapse and I'm really aware of it i joined a lot of collapse and I don't even notice that i do it so many of them I love collapse and helps you build relationships with other youtubers and it's just fun all around okay so don't even judge me this but it was a life hacks video and i have clouded with my sister Marx joke

lab and also my friend tanya from kiss and make up and they're also doing lightbox make sure to go check their videos down below so go check them out after you finish watching this one that is all i have to say thank you guys so much for watching because like but maybe enjoy comment below subscribe you're ready aren't gonna check them out with subscribe tell him I sent you

and yeah let's just get straight on Tuesday the very first time I want to show you guys is the pancake mix in a ketchup bottle hag if you have an empty ketchup bottle don't throw it away like you normally would it is perfect for making perfect pancakes once the ivory makes done put

it into your container but first you're gonna wash it out because you don't want to catch up and your pancakes bill I also noticed it was a little bit messy so if you really are going to try this try doing it like two inches above the lid and that way you will make a mess like I did and bad you have your pancake model you are not ready to make your pancakes this makes the absolute perfect pancakes you gotta make this

hack is Loki genius if you watch my videos and you'll know that I've made slime about a hundred million times on this channel aside from playing with it and being super fun to squash and stretch and whatever slime does you can actually clean with it so the way to make Elmer's glue I'm just glue the way to make slime is actually

super easy i can let you do some I sleep it's that easy all you need is a bottle of Elmer's glue and some detergent and that's pretty much it i'm adding food dye to give it some color but it's not even necessary the detergent we have to add it will be slowly like a little bit stir add some more stir yada yada yada you know until you feel that it doesn't take your hands anymore and they actually could play with it

the only way i can see you guys making this a fail is by adding all the detergent at once and then maybe like a big ol clump of just mess and it's not going to come together so add it slowly and you will have the perfect climb any keys on keyboard to take all the like dust off and you know the hard-to-reach areas i also used to like at the edges of my vanity to just pick up like the small trash

also on your desk or anything if you just want to put on there just kind of pick up the dust and stuff they'll take it off as well so slide was not just for playing you can also use them for cleaning tape can be so annoying sometimes especially when you're trying to find where it starts and you're looking in there forever and ever and you feel like

you could just never find where the tape starts and once you finally do find it something like this happens yeah I know girl i hate it so a very easy way to prevent this is just using the paper clips and just literally take it at the end and that is it you're welcome it's something so simple we just never think about stuff like this but it is genius and it will save you the trouble

if you're tired of your toothbrush getting germs on it by laying on the sink and you don't have a toothbrush holder why use a free cup that you have a home already when you can spend five dollars on clothes pins to elevate your toothbrush this next hack has worked for me so many times if you ever drop your phone in the toilet

you gotta admit it's happened to you at least once or it's going to happen to you one day just put it in rice put it in a bowl and if you have a big one like I do just take it out that way because you know but it's not gonna fit in there take it out just flop the rice right on top of it because you know that's not gonna fit into a bowl

either way the next day it should be perfect to use again and I find my phone actually stops working like it won't even turn on after I leaving advice for a date it will turn on again so hashtag miracle this next hack is also a phone hack and it's actually super simple and I feel like everybody knows it but if you don't

Hey Girl hey you're welcome so you pretty much just put your phone into a cup and bam the music is louder okay that's all i have to say i'm on pandora right here i know i haven't hopped on to Spotify like everybody else but I'm just sticking to ratchet Pandora for now but it works also if you have shoes that smell

and you need to get rid of the older fast just put dry tea bags inside the shoes overnight and it should absorb the smell I've also heard that you stuff your shoes with dryer sheets it's supposed to make it smell better obviously because dryer sheets smell amazing you can probably even stick your bath and body works candles and your shoes and that will most likely work because bomb AF if you ever get a paper cut and

you want to heal it immediately just use some lip on it and it should help I haven't really researched why it works but it does i'm using the EOS because that's all i have but you can use any lip balm you want also this next hack is super cool you guys I really wanted to try it but I have no time I'm not even joking i put this together so fast this video I would have not had

time to make this hat but what you do is you pretty much take two watermelons and the first one you cut it up no you you cut it in half what am I saying you scoop everything out the illusion here is to have shaved watermelon that looks perfect looks pretty cool

so you do that like i said and you take everything out until little something like this and then you leave that aside then you're going to use another water Miller for this watermelon you're going to shave it out and then you're gonna get something like this that just looks kind of like as a bunch of bumps and stuff you're gonna take some sandpaper when I'm not in sandpaper on my gosh you're

gonna have to imagine I can't you're gonna use some dish sponges and you're gonna shape it down as if it was a paper and get into a perfect looking egg like so and then once that is done you pop it into the shell of the other is a called a shell whatever of the other watermelon and voila and I think it looks pretty cool it doesn't really have a purpose it's just

really cool like the parties and stuff and it's just one of those things that it's just kind of satisfying to look at you know what i mean and i don't want to give full credit on this hack to mark robber i believe and he is a youtuber here on YouTube he created this hack i'm assuming so shout out to you mark this is genius you guys this last tak is absolute goals

you put some chips and put it into a big bowl and then you put a wine glass into the bowl and what this does is you have your dip inside the bowl but it's not in the way and it's not on the side it's inside the bowl but it's elevated which is genius why did I never think about this like hello this is so amazing this is something that I want to be using i'm not even kidding because that

people probs and I just thought it was pretty cool and i'm sure you guys will like it too so here it is and i'll show you never thought about it if you did I'm I guess I'm the only stupid one here but yeah so that's it for this video thank you guys so much for watching I hope you guys enjoyed and we did click that like button coming up a little subscribe if you already are not you're finished

watching this video make sure to go check out my right on his butt I'm only down below go tell him I sent you subscribe and yeah thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you guys in my next Oh out i will see you guys in my next video and I hope I'm not sick but i'm probably going to be because i'm uploading tomorrow but whatever see you guys later bye

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